MWD Design Corp. has over 80 years of experience developing telemetry tools and sensors for the oil and gas drilling market.



Telemetry Experience

We have experience designing Mud Pulse, EM and Acoustic telemetry systems from down-hole transmitters to surface decoding and display.


Sensor Experience

We have experience developing directional sensors, gamma sensors including directional, annular and bore pressure sensors as well as circuits for battery monitoring.


Remote Drilling Management

We are one of the first if not the first to develop remote monitoring for the MWD world including EM telemetry which has allowed for low cost monitor jobs.



We have experience from concept straight through to manufacturing and field training. We are a one stop shop for your tool or system development.

Mission Statement

1. Design, develop and manufacture interesting products.
2. Ensure the team has a passion for these products.
3. Build good products.
4. Support those products.

What can we help you develop today?